You Have Probably Joined Other Christmas Clubs:


  • Banks Have Christmas Clubs

  • Credit Unions Have Christmas Clubs

  • Your Employer Has Christmas Clubs


But No One Has A Christmas Club Like Ours!!!


Hello My Gift Giving Friend,

Can we take a trip down memory lane? Let’s talk about your previous Christmas holiday. How enjoyable and memorable was your past Christmas holiday? Was your glistening, beautifully decorated Christmas tree loaded with gifts underneath it bringing Christmas cheer to your most precious family? Were you able to provide all the gifts you wanted for all your family members in the hopes that the Christmas holiday celebration is something they will never forget and cherish for the rest of their lives?


Happy Family Celebrating Christmas Happy Child Celebrating Christmas Happy Family Celebrating Christmas

We all want the perfect Christmas, but the sad thing is that, you, like millions of other families, despite knowing that your resources were limited still made the well-intentioned mistake of overspending to give your loved ones that well-deserved Christmas holiday; however, there are consequences to these kinds of decisions and some are still suffering because of it until now. For instance, some are still paying off last year’s Christmas shopping spree which has racked up interest on interest, something that is both humiliating and stressful at the same time.

Christmas is just around the corner but if you are currently one of those still suffering from bad decisions of overspending then it is so difficult to see this coming Christmas and the future Christmases as the joyful holiday of giving, good cheer and joy. All the financial stress robs people of the opportunity to experience life in an enjoyable way, that even Christmas, one of life’s joys can turn into gloom.

But ENOUGH of that bad news! We’re here and all geared up to provide you with a solution. We don’t want to see your Christmas ruined.


Say goodbye to your financial woes and get to change Christmas this year and every year if you want it to happen just as we want it for you.


This is only available by special invitation and for a VERY LIMITED TIME. A limited number of members will be allowed into this company and once we have reached that number we will shut our doors and work closely with them. With this opportunity, you have to plan ahead and act quickly for you certainly don’t want to be part of that naughty list.



Unlike other Christmas Clubs where you have to work and place your hard earned money into a savings account from each paycheck, which for most people is very limited and a strain on their budget, (banks pay less than 1% per year in most cases, and often have a certain time to make your withdrawal, or you pay a penalty), our Ultimate Christmas Club plan does not accept any deposits from you. Your amazing Christmas Club account is actually funded with other people’s money. This happens 24 Hours per Day, 365 days a year, worldwide and currently. You can also make your withdrawals any time direct to your bank account.


With this opportunity, Christmas doesn’t have to be on December only but ALL YEAR ROUND. Sweet right? But it’s definitely only for the few lucky people who accept this offer before it’s closed forever to new members.

You will start seeing your Christmas funds grow and by next year you can say goodbye to all the limited financial resources because you’ll have all those extra thousands of dollars to spare for your family and yourself for a joyous celebration.

A lot of people simply can't wait until Christmas to purchase new items for themselves or for loved ones. But a wise consumer will always go shopping all year long for the product that gives them great value, and we will reveal to you which products that not only give you great value in terms of quality but also generate RESIDUAL ROYALTY INCOME FOR LIFE!




When you join the Ultimate Christmas Club, we are going to introduce you to a company that offers innovative, cutting edge, very unique, and interesting products for sale that pays out royalties on those items every quarter (every 3 months), and several provide Monthly Payouts/Income. Just think of it as a Rebate that Never Ends! Sweet, Right?

It's never too early to start buying gifts and earning Royalty Income for the giving season of Christmas.

There's no deposit to join the ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS CLUB, there are no required purchases, and there is no need to worry about monthly service fees. There is no need to worry about a weekly or monthly deposit into your account, as you simply decide when you want to put money aside to buy another gift to give away to another friend or loved one, or keep for yourself as a special treat.

We invite you to join today, and become a member of the Ultimate Christmas Club 100% Free of Charge!

All the Best,

Santa (Bernie) and the Elves (Agnes, Kristia, & Irish)


TSN Team


P.S.  We have videos in the back office that explain the entire process in full detail. We never charge any money to our VIP Members for our services or assistance here at the Ultimate Christmas Club. We have also included a video from our founder, who also explains in very easy to follow details of exactly how the program works, and we are sure you will enjoy his very informative orientation as well.